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Minseok, your age is showing. 

it looks like he broke a hip lmao


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Zelo: On the last day of the concert, Yongguk hyung said things about each member. That’s when I thought that he really understood me and the other hyungs ..  I was really thankful that I cried.

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Daehyun can you please focus ?

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Himchan and Zelo giving a fan coffee [x]

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When Kim Soo Hyun accidentally breaks a fry…

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badeul in a nutshell

host: we’re lucky to have you two here, you’re clicking!

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the photo of jongin that suho took back in 2013 was revealed

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EXO; then and now

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#no don’t you disturb jaehwan

#no don’t you disturb jaehwan

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Cha Hakyeon as Noah

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Flying Angel Heart